Super wide angle windshield view

I bought a souped-up Mini Cooper from a car-enthusiast friend. As I sat for the first time in the driver’s seat, I noticed what looked like an irregularity in the top of the windshield. Peering more closely, I saw it was a little Fresnel lens. “What’s that for?” I asked.

“It’s the coolest thing,” he said. “I found it on one of the Mini sites. It lets you see when the light turns green without having to crane your neck.”

Sure enough, it does. Another friend was riding with me a few weeks later became so enamored with the device, I peeled it off and gave it to him. While waiting for a replacement I had to bend my neck sideways and lean forward to see the light when I’m first in line. What a pain compared to just sitting back comfortably and waiting for that little red dot in the lens to go green.

The manufacturer says Light In Sight works for all kinds of vehicles and is “especially helpful for taller drivers, drivers in smaller cars, delivery vans and trucks, and drivers with a mobility problem, such as a neck or back problem.”

LightInSight is self-adhering (assisted with a wet paper towel), easily removable and reusable. It measures 7″ by 1-1/2.”

— Steve Leveen

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