Wooden Balance Bikes for Kids


Easy to balance push bike

Built for kids ages 2-5, LikeaBike is a pedal-less, chainless push bike that moves by foot power. With a restricted front fork, LikeaBike prevents jackknifing which allows for a very free and smooth ride. The learning curve is not steep; kids quickly advance to greater speeds. This speed and freedom makes getting around much easier — walking with mom and dad is now fun for the child instead of a (literal) drag! Unlike a bike with training wheels, LikeaBikes are able to go up hills. For instance our girl goes right up a hill in our park and bypasses little kids sweating and straining to move their training wheeled bike up another inch. The seat height is adjustable and the construction is sturdy and solid. We have had no problems with our bike in the year we’ve own it.

We noticed the mental advance in personality a child makes once they gain this freedom of self-directed movement at such an early age.

— C. Troise

This is by far the toy my son has used the most. It is made primarily of wood. At 4 1/2 he uses it daily . He loves riding it everywhere. I was able to leave the stroller behind by the time he was 2 1/2 and have never used it since. The LikeaBike has also taught him to share. Every kid in the park invariably wants to ride it and he is so proud of his bike that he doesn’t mind loaning it out. It is sturdy and clean, which is a great thing, because he loves to ride it around the house as well. I let him because there’s no fear he will fall over, he is always in total control of his movements.

Regular bikes for kids here in Europe cost around 100 euros. Where I live in Barcelona Spain, I paid 169 euros for the LikeaBike. My son has trashed this bike like you can’t imagine and it’s still in tip top shape too, so it’s not easily destroyed. On the other hand he has gone through 2 regular bikes since he was 2. For everything you get, I find it cost effective.

-- Anouschka Orueta 12/7/17

(A lower cost alternative is the Skuut Wooden Balance Bike for $75 on Amazon. — editors)

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