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Recomendo - issue #369

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Listen to Wikipedia

Experience the dedication of Wikipedia’s contributors through a captivating symphony of sound and graphics at Listen to Wikipedia. This live website showcases real-time changes with bells for additions, string plucks for subtractions, and pitch variations indicating edit size. Unregistered contributors’ edits are marked with green circles, and automated bot activity with purple circles. Click on a circle to explore the latest changes. — MF

Global community for nature-based integration 

For the past year, I’ve been a participant of ACER Integration — an online community and framework created by clinical psychologist Dr Rosalind Watts. The program follows a year-long, nature-based integration cycle. Every new month gives me access to guided visualizations, live sharing circles via Zoom, breathwork sessions and Q&As with some of the most prominent minds and voices in the psychedelic space. The community is not a substitute for therapy and it does not encourage psychedelic use — only a deeper connection to nature, ourselves and each other. ACER stands for Accept, Connect, Embody and Relate. For me it’s been an invaluable space to integrate life experiences alongside deeply compassionate, grounded and like-minded people from all over the world. And as I wrap up my 13-month cycle, I highly recommend anyone feeling called to connect with a community like this to check out the info pack and apply. ACER opens up to new members in October and applications are now being accepted. If you do apply, be sure to mention Recomendo in your application. ACER will offer a discount to Recomendo readers who are accepted into the program. — CD 

Advanced search tips

Until AI takes over search, finding exactly what you are looking for online will greatly benefit from advanced search techniques. This long document, Gwern’s Internet Search Tips, catalogs a hundred ways to increase the success rate of your googling. It is especially aimed at finding scholarly and expert sources.  I learned dozens of tricks. — KK

Product docu-dramas

An emerging genre of lightly fictionalized dramas tell the true, improbable stories of how famous products came to be. Each legendary thing seems like a miraculous accident. Here are three product dramas that are extraordinarily entertaining, and mostly true to life. Tetris (Apple+) is the unlikely cloak–n-dagger tale of the Soviet KGB’s pursuit of this wayward video game’s escape to world domination. The Social Network (on Amazon or any streaming service, $4) is an oldie about Facebook that is still relevant and fascinating given its current return to grace. And the most recent is Air (Amazon Prime), the astounding story of how Air Jordan sneakers became the unlikely multi-billion dollar megahit they are. All have great casts and great scripting, but are “true stories” at the core. — KK

One minute daily question

I try to limit my subscriptions to daily newsletters, but the 1-min Daily Question newsletter cannot be snoozed or ignored. Each question is a prompt to reflect on my life and goals (like what patterns am I stuck in? or what does success look like for me?). Every email redirects me to a 60-second timer that acts as a timeout from the busyness in my head. It’s a short respite, but its peaceful and I appreciate the gift of clarity. — CD 

Knee pillow

My wife has been using a Memory Foam Knee Pillow for years. It’s much smaller than a regular pillow and can be used between your knees or to prop up one leg. As a side-sleeper, it keeps her spine and hips aligned, and it helps her sleep more comfortably. I bought one a couple of weeks ago, and I’m getting the same benefits. — MF

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