Livionex Dental Gel


Prevents plaque from forming on your teeth

I have used Livionex Dental Gel for something like three years now. What it does is simple but also somewhat revolutionary: It’s a gel that uses a new technique to combat plaque instead of the more traditional approach of just trying to scrub or abrade it off, and it very effectively prevents plaque from forming on your teeth in the first place. This means that the bacteria that can otherwise cause gum disease other oral health issues have nowhere to cling to. If you are at the dentist for your regular checkup and they are poking at your gums calling out numbers for each tooth and those numbers are 4 or 5 as often as they are 3 or less, this means your gums are soft and/or have potentially dangerous pockets. My dentist has raved about the results, to the point of recommending Livionex to her other patients and even trying it herself.

She offered two points of caution, though. The first is that Livionex fights plaque, not cavities…so you should still also use a regular cavity-fighting toothpaste. The second is that a small percentage of her patients (and my dentist herself) reported dry mouth as a side effect – although I’m not experiencing that myself. It’s considerably more expensive than toothpaste…but you only get one set of teeth. Your dentist can ask for a discount code to pass on to their patients.

-- Steve Coallier 10/6/17