Lodge Pan Scraper

Food and stickers scraper

I’m Donald Bell for Cool Tools and in this video I’ve got a tool that in a perfect world would come with every cast iron skillet. This is a pan scraper from Lodge. A 2-pack cost me around $4 on Amazon.

A lot of people will debate the best way to care for and season a cast iron, but everyone agrees they should never touch soapy water. This makes cleaning them a challenge, though, especially if you have some burnt, baked on crud.

This pan scraper from Lodge is a simple but effective tool for degunking cast iron, or really any cookware. It’s made from a polycarbonate plastic that holds up to scraping, through it can melt — so don’t use this on a hot pan.

A big advantage to using this instead of a spatula or your fingernail, is the shape. You have a flat side and a curved side, and the edges are rounded in just the right way to clear out the curves in you pan.

I’ve also found them handy for scraping food from Pyrex cookware and from cookie sheets or muffin tins.

Outside of cooking, I see a lot of reviews from people who use these for removing stickers from cars without damaging the paint or glass.

So that’s the Lodge pan scraper. It’s one of those cheap but immediately useful tools you’ll wish you’d gotten years ago.

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-- Donald Bell 05/19/18

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