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Logitech Wireless Presenter


Foolproof presentation controller

If you give a lot of talks or presentations, you’re always tied to the computer, pressing the left or right button. This Wireless Presenter lets you walk around an auditorium. It’s got a laser pointer built in. You can forwards or backwards. I used it on my Chromebook recently to give a talk at North Carolina in Chapel Hill. It works with Mac, and Windows, and even Chromebooks. It it does do a very good job of letting you give seamless presentations.

Kevon Kelly says: “I have one. I’ve used one for years. It’s totally plug and play. There’s no downloading of drivers. The other advantage I found is that it has really great range. You can be quite a distance from the computer. If you’re not presenting with the computer on the stage in front of you, or in front of a group, it can be way off to the side. I mean way, way off, and it’ll still work. That’s been a big advantage for me.”

-- Matt Cutts 05/2/18

(This is an excerpt from our 2015 podcast conversation with Matt Cutts. — editors)

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