General Purpose Tools

Long Nose Vise-Grips


Pinch like a robot

Everyone who is into tools knows about vise-grips (or locking pliers) and most of us have at least one in our tool box. But don’t overlook the small long-nose version. I think it’s one of the handiest tools I own. I’ve had the 4″ version for over 20 years and I go to it for all sorts of things: an improvised handle for my air pump valve lock when it broke, a way to turn a small nut in a hard-to-get to location, a clamp to hold small parts together while the super glue sets. If don’t have massively strong hands and fingers, they are just the thing to get a better grip with. Put some finger tips from a rubber glove over the jaws for a cushioned grip. When they went off to college, I bought my daughters a pretty complete tool set from Harbor Freight. The only thing I added was a 4″ long nose vise grip.

-- Jamie Windham 06/30/20

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2015 — editors)