Lumber Rack Storage System


300-lb shelving

These super heavy duty, compact shelf brackets were installed in the basement of my 80-year-old house when I moved in. I’ve never seen anything better for use as a lumber or pipe rack system at this price. The steel shelf brackets fit in a steel wall stringer that’s rated to 300 lbs. at the tip of an 18″ bracket. There are excellent commercial shelving systems costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but I don’t consider those within the range of an average home owner or hobbyist. These aren’t cheap, but they cover that middle ground between the industrial shelves and lesser, consumer-grade aluminum bracket systems. It took me 10 years to track down these, because, oddly, they don’t seem to have a brand name or manufacturer affiliated with them. Woodcraft supply is the only place, the ONLY place I’ve ever been able to find them. Woodcraft claims Telco companies use them in their cable rooms for holding up heavy bundles of cables.

-- Jon Kroninger 11/4/08