Mac OSX: The Missing Manual


A must-have

The Missing Manual is a trove of liberating remedies and deep understanding of the Mac. It’s the best Mac self-help book in print. Don’t even think of upgrading or switch to OSX without it. I find myself paging through it constantly and still uncovering essential knowledge. Half of my joy of owning a Mac is now soaking in these pages.

-- KK 10/28/03


Mac OS X brings to life a terrific idea, a new concept in mainstream operating systems: icons that tell you something. As shown here, for example, you can often tell documents apart just by looking at their icons. Some program icons, furthermore, actually change over time. The clock program (in your Applications folder), for example, is a living icon that actually ticks away the time, right there in the dock. The Mail icon (see Chapter 19) displays a live counter that indicates how many new email messages are waiting for you.

The Location feature lets you switch from one "location" to another just by choosing its name, either from the apple menu (top) or from this popup menue in System Preferences. The Automatic location just means "the standard, default one you originally set up." (don't be fooled: Despite its name, Automatic isn't the only location that offers multihnoming, which is described later in this chapter.)

(Several iterations of Mac OSX have been released since this manual was published. Luckily, David Pogue has kept up with them. His Missing Manual for Snow Leopard is available from Amazon. -- SL — editors)