Tool Chest

Magnetic Drive Guide

Eliminates wobbling and slipping while driving screws

Long ago a contractor friend of mine turned me onto a simple fixture for a power drill. It’s an inexpensive gizmo that allows anyone to drive long screws in straight and fast. That’s a huge plus now that sheetrock screws have replaced nails for most homestead projects. The guide fits into any chuck. You slip the screw head-first into the extended tube. A magnet at the bottom holds it. You place the loaded guide with the tip of the screw poking out over the place where you want to screw and the tube collapses as the screw goes in. The result: no muss, no-hands, quick, straight-in screw first time. Kids and newbies really love it. I keep one permanently affixed to my drivers. I use it for short as well as long screws. In fact I had forgotten how dependent I had become on the guide until I misplaced one recently and had to work without it. Now I have multiple backups. I don’t think the brand matters; I use a $5 one. Make your life easier: keep one on your driver.

-- KK 02/23/18

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