Makita Cordless System


The cordless shop

Cordless tools have taken over our shop. The saw, drill, grinder, driver, cutter that we reach for first is the cordless one. The key to going cordless is to settle on one make so you can use the same set of batteries for all. Several big tool brands offer a cordless system, including Milwaukee and Dewalt. We choose the  Makita 18v Lithium system because their drills and drivers were very light for how much torque they put out, are quite small for getting into tight spaces, have a nice LED light on them and can be set down on their pommel.  One quirk we have found about the Makita system is that you can run the lighter tools like drills on the small capacity lithium packs, but the larger tools only accept the large capacity 3 AH packs.  I assume Makita does this because the draw on the larger tools will heat up the smaller packs.  So we ended up always using the larger 3 AH packs as they work with all the tools and require less charging. It also simplifies your inventory. There’s a slight difference in the attachment shape of their 18v Lithium batteries vs the older 18v NiCads, but if you have some of those you can this widget for getting your old 18v tools to work with the new Lithium batteries.

-- Alexander Rose 11/23/12