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Recomendo: issue no. 301

Recognizing the attention magnets in your life
From James Clear’s must-read 3-2-1 Thursday newsletter, this way of seeing with a new filter:
Look around your environment.
Rather than seeing items as objects, see them as magnets for your attention. Each object gently pulls a certain amount of your attention toward it.
Whenever you discard something, the tug of that object is released. You get some attention back.
— MF

Better glue sticks
Glue sticks are one of my favorite craft tools. Fast, cheap, versatile. But speciality glue sticks are even better. I use repositionable glue sticks so I can tweak the exact position; there is also wrinkle free glue sticks for thin materials, and for kids, there is disappearing purple glue sticks which go on purple but dry clear so they can see exactly where they put the glue. — KK

Packable caps
My new favorite hat to wear hiking is this Parapack P-CAP — an adjustable, foldable hat that is so breathable and lightweight it feels like I’m wearing nothing on my head. I love that it looks better than my other sun hats, and is less bulky. I just keep this in my purse now, because it’s so small. You can also fold it and use it as a pouch. — CD

Pill bags for travel
I recently returned from a long trip to Portugal and I used these tiny sealable plastic bags to store and organize my supplements and prescription medications. I saved them so I can use them the next time I travel. — MF

Test your street knowledge is a 5 question game that uses OpenStreetMap data to test how well you know your local area. I’ve lived in San Jose, CA for almost 4 years now and still don’t know the lay of the land (I scored a 15%). I scored 87% in my hometown of Sacramento. — CD

Pirate comedy
Pirates invented early forms of democracy and organizations that were far more “modern” in shape than other work environments in the past. But what if there was a Gentleman Pirate who gave his pirates diversity training, casual Fridays, safe places, suggestion boxes, and encouraged them to express their artistic natures with art projects? That’s the parody of a very funny HBO comedy series “Our Flag Means Death.” The farcical absurdity is just background for a midlife crisis and workplace drama that is witty, heartfelt, refreshing, and touching. I binged all ten episodes in two sittings. — KK

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 04/17/22

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