Tool Chest

Megapro Stainless 15-in-1 Driver


Non-gimmicky screwdriver with 14 bits

I’ve been using the Megapro Stainless driver ($26) for over 6 years now, ever since I began life in the IT world. This single driver includes double-sided Philips, flathead, hex,and torx bits and is not magnetized (a must when you’re dealing with hard drives).

Not only do the 14 bits [The driver’s shaft opening is a 1/4-inch hex driver, making this a 15-in-one tool] cover most any job that requires a screwdriver, but I’ve never lost a bit because the bits can be stored in the handle. I know, I know, everyone has seen those gimmicky drivers in the checkout lane at your local hardware store, but this holder actually holds the bits.

This driver is up for any job. I’ve assembled and disassembled many computers, put together a whole household of Ikea furniture, and my daughters crib. My wife used to have a drawer full of screwdrivers, but now we only need one for our handiwork.


-- Ben Caparoso 02/4/20

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2013 — editors)