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Flat water bottle for bag or pocket

I’ve had memobottles since they distributed from their first Kickstarter a few years ago. This is a reusable water bottle with a difference, in that it is flat rather than round. That makes it much easier to put in a bag, especially the kind of bag designed for laptops and books but not round bottles. I carry a memo bottle with me most of the time, as opposed to my previous habit of rarely carrying a bottle. There are different shapes and sizes ranging from the small to large. A6 size is the sweet spot for size vs. capacity, but A5 is a good size when refill sites are not around.

The other feature that attracts me is the ability to lay the bottle flat, which is a specialist use case if you are using a lectern. (Most lecterns are angled and have nowhere to leave a bottle or glass without risk of tip over.) A memo bottle will happily lie flat and has ample capacity for wetting a dry mouth. Probably not quite as strong as some round bottles, one of mine developed a hairline crack but I was able to patch that up with some waterproof tape and it’s good as new. Maybe don’t get these for kids though.

-- Graham Marshall 05/31/18