Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove


Barefoot style shoes for everyday wear

A great pair of barefoot-like shoes for everyday wear. The style is much more unassuming than the Vibram FiveFinger shoes. They’re comfortable, light, and I feel what’s underneath my feet. I don’t like to walk around (foot pain), which is why I’m writing this recommendation; as this shoe has made walking more enjoyable for me. I’m somewhat surprised that a no-cushion shoe has caused less foot pain than my usual casual sneakers. I’ve worn them for three solid years and they’ve held up well, though the label has broken off and it looks like some non-essential threads have started to fray (the Vibram soles look like they’re still going strong). The shoes are made of thin material, so I don’t wear them much past fall or in early spring. When I do need to replace them, I’ll be getting the exact same pair!

-- Maria Angeles 08/26/13

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