Michelin-star Taco Stand/Expat Mailbox Rentals/REAL ID Deadline

Nomadico issue #106

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A Hole in the Wall Earns a Michelin Star

In a move that made street food fans cheer, the new Michelin Guide to Mexico awarded 2 stars to 2 famous restaurants and 1 star to another 16. Among the latter was a taco stand “restaurant” in Mexico City that’s only 10 feet wide: Taquería El Califa de León. Get the full story here.

Mailbox Services for Expats and Nomads

While many people forsake their homeland and sever all ties, most of us want or need to keep ties to the country of our birth, for banking, a driver’s license, voting perhaps. Maintaining a home address while never there can be complicated though, especially for Americans who must still file taxes nationally and in most states. Here’s a rundown on the mailbox rental options (including my favorite, a relative’s place) for doing it right.

REAL ID Needed for Americans by May 2025

If you want to travel domestically in the USA with something in your wallet, your driver’s license will need to be a “REAL ID” with a black star on it to fly. I’m assuming most people on this newsletter list have a passport, which works instead, but your friends and relatives may not. Get all the info here for your state. (Department of Homeland Security.)

Combine Points and Cash on Southwest Airlines

I recently paid for a Southwest flight where I was 2K short of getting it for free with the points I had. After a recent change, I could have combined the two options. The airline is now letting passengers pay a reduced amount for their fare by kicking in some points as well. Get the scoop on their site here, including the downsides.


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