Midas Ice Cream Maker


Handmade ice cream

For about 20 years, I had a small Donvier manual ice cream maker. It required no electricity (other than the need to store the base in the freezer), and only required mixing every five minutes or so. I could vary the amount of air incorporated in what was a very good ice cream. Finally, the dasher mechanism broke, and I was unable to order spare parts from overseas.


While I’d still recommend the Donvier, I found another manual model that is absolutely indestructible, and also freezes the mix faster. The Midas is an elegant-looking stainless steel double-walled container with freezer liquid in the lid and sides, so it freezes the mix from all sides at once. I scrape and mix only once in 15 minutes, using my Chef’n spatula. The Midas is dishwasher-safe, too. I expect it to last for a lifetime.

-- Aryeh Abromovitz 07/23/09