Millepede Cable Ties

Refastenable wire fastening

Millepede is a refastenable cable bundling tie that is very different from the Zip ties we all know and love. It’s essentially a flexible plastic strip of little boxes separated by larger D shapes. The strip terminates in a narrow “needle” that can thread through any of the D shapes and be pulled through to a snug connection around a bundle of cables. The holding strength is amazing. I use them for all my wiring harness applications, but I’ve also connected multiple ties (the larger burly ones) to fasten down car-top luggage. You undo a Millepede by running the same needle backwards through the same D opening, and if you’re fastening something small, you can also pull almost the whole strip through, cut it off at the non-needle end — unlike the cable clamp — and then reuse the remainder as many more times as it will fit. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes and colors and are also produced in various versions for special purposes (think integral vinyl eyebolts, hooks, baseplates etc.). One bag of 100 might be the proverbial lifetime supply.

-- David Perry 12/12/07

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