Mirror Image Wall Clock


Clocks for mirror users

Clocks that run counter-clockwise are novelty items, but I put them to practical use by hanging them on the wall behind me in the bathroom so when I look in the mirror, I can easily see what time it is. The clocks run on a AA battery, and they keep perfect time, but the hands go the other way around.

Note: The numerals, of course, go counter-clockwise around the edge of the clock (with the “1” where you usually find “11” and so forth). But in most of the backward clocks, the numerals themselves are normal, as you usually see them. However, if you’re going to be looking at the clock in a mirror, you want the numerals to be mirror-image reversed so they look right in the mirror. Besides this good practical use, backward clocks also make a deeper point: The way we’ve always done something is not the only way to do it.

-- Lee Dembart 06/7/21