Moist Wound Burn Treatment

Moist makes faster healing

One of the things medical staff used to nip from hospitals to bring home is inexpensive moist wound pads. Keeping a wound moist – particularly a burn wound — has been proven to aid its healing. Moist wound pads contain a layer of gel that holds either sterile water, or additional therapeutic ingredients, wrapped under a large adhesive bandage. Doctors’ offices stock these aids, but they are only now getting into the consumer market. Drugstore over-the-counter pads like Spenco 2nd Skin Moist Burn Pads come in a package of 5 small (2 x3 inches) sterile packages. New-Skin (UK-based) Burn Relief Dressing comes in 3 3×3 pads — but these have less than half the usable surface area of the Spencos. Johnson and Johnson is introducing household bandages with moist gel pads inside, too. These pads aren’t cheap, but hopefully you’ll only need them occasionally.

-- KK 03/22/04

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