Autonomous Motion

Morpher Flat Folding Bike Helmet


Folds and unfolds quickly

This folding helmet ($149) has been the difference for me between occasionally wearing a helmet when biking and ALWAYS wearing a helmet. Once it’s folded I can easily tuck it into my bag and get on with my day. It makes carrying around a helmet so easy and convenient there’s simply no excuse not to take it with me on any length ride.

There are four manual tabs on the sides that lock the helmet walls into place. It’s also adjustable for head sizes 52-58cm. Two levers on the outside walls release the tabs quickly for folding/closing, and it stays closed using two internal magnets.

I’ve heard some people complain that the locking tabs wear out after some time, but I’ve had my Morpher for over a year now and it’s still working fine. It’s not the most aerodynamic or slickest-looking brain bucket out there, but its functionality trumps those things for me!

-- Rayan Parikh 10/3/19