Mr. Beams Amber Nightlight


Battery-powered motion-activated nightlights

I’ve had these nightlights for four or five years and I love them. I love the soft reflected light. I love that it feels kinda futuristic to walk through a hallway or into a dark bathroom and have them instantly light up. I love the simplicity. (Complaints on Amazon are “Why no off switch?” “Why no adjustable timer?” C’mon, you really want Homer Simpson’s car design here?

The amber hue is soothing, never overwhelming for a nighttime bathroom jaunt. (My first purchase was an identical model except for a white LED; it positively feels like a klieg light in comparison.)

You can arrange them LED-down for most countertop uses, or LED-up if they are placed on a shelf at or above eye level. (The LE’s are bright little suckers so I wouldn’t recommend positioning it where you catch them directly.)

The amount of time they stay on is 30 seconds, which is usually plenty of time to get where you’re going. My only dislikes are a) when the batteries start to go, sometimes this will manifest itself in “false positives” where the light goes on randomly. It’s a little unnerving until you realize what’s going on. (I haven’t had it happen to me in a long time, I think maybe it’s when one battery is significantly lower voltage than the others? Most of the time it just gets dimmer and dimmer as the batteries go.) Regardless, I just take it as a sign to replace the batteries and it’s back to bueno. b) the battery panel is a bit of a pain. Two slotted head screws. Keep a nickel handy. Luckily batteries last up to a year (I’m guessing, can’t recall the last time I changed mine…) Slotted screws are the devil’s work. One reviewer mentions just leaving it off.  But battery covers closed with screws seem to be standard nowadays because of concerns about battery ingestion. With AA, it’s probably not as likely as a coin cell, but if you have little ones, worth considering when deciding to leave the cover off.

I feel like this is a product with a million competitors that may be cheaper and may or may not be as good, but I’m ride-or-die for this particular model. If someone has a competitor that is battle-tested, I’m open to suggestions*, but I feel like this one has been great for me and I would buy them again in a second.

*Especially if it has a slow fade on and off. My own little picky request. Would have made it a little less startling when we were using these during the middle of the night breast-feedings for my son.

-- Taylor Bryant 01/20/21