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Mr. Grip


Fix worn and stripped screw holes

I work in an independent hardware store that carries a plethora of interesting items that Home Depot and Lowes will not. Mr. Grip is by far my favorite dohicky. It provides you with a way to keep a stripped out screw screwed in. Essentially Mr. Grips are little metal strips that are perforated much like the fine side of a cheese grater. If you cut off a strip as long as your screw, then fold it over like a taco, you can jam it down into the hole that has become stripped out. Simply run the screw back in next to the strip and, presto, the screw holds like new. Our bathroom door is held up with nothing but these. Works in metal, wood and even cheap particle board.

-- Brad Thompson 04/7/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2004 — editors)