MugMate Coffee/Tea Filter


Paperless coffee filter

For years I’ve tolerated instant coffee while backpacking and camping. As a minimalist I didn’t want the weight and bulk of a traditional coffee setup, and I prized myself for a quick morning coffee with virtually no clean up. The taste wasn’t important as long as I got my caffeine fix, or so I thought. The reality is I dreaded every breakfast, and would have to wash the coffee down with juice to get the aftertaste out of my mouth. While browsing my local camping store, I came across MSR’s MugMate Coffee/Tea Filter.

Simply add the coffee of your choice, pour over hot water, and enjoy. If you’re drinking tea, you can leave the filter in the mug to steep. There’s no risk of burning your fingers since the tabs of the filter rest on the rim of your mug, and no paper filters end up in a landfill. The filter is made in Germany and exudes quality. You would truly have to go out of your way to rip the metal mesh or break the plastic frame.

I recommend using a coarse or medium grind for the best results; you can try fine, but smaller particles may trickle into your coffee. Total weight is 17 gm (without the unnecessary lid). Suffice to say I’m now in ultralight coffee heaven.

-- Nabhan Islam 09/8/16

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