National Walking Sprinkler Model B-3


Heavy duty classic lawn waterer

I have used it every summer for 7 years. It has a few signs of weathering (I accidentally left it outside all winter in the snow one year), but it works the same as the day it arrived. I have it hooked up to 125 ft. of hose, and it pulls that entire length with no problem including up a short hill. It has 2 speeds, and puts down about 1″ of water as it travels on the slower speed. It soaks the lawn nicely to encourage deep root growth. It cost me more than double what the Nelson Rain Train costs, but I’ve heard horror stories of the Rain Train stripping the plastic drivetrain in one year. The National Walking Sprinkler shows no signs of slowing down!

Once, the hose got caught on a retaining wall and stalled the sprinkler. Instead of stripping/destroying the drivetrain, it dug 2 trenches under the wheels until the body of the sprinkler bottomed out. It was sitting in place spinning the wheels until I found it and rescued it. My wife was not happy about the muddy ruts in the lawn… I was happy I didn’t wreck my sprinkler!

If something happened or the sprinkler was lost/stolen, I would replace it in a heartbeat.


-- Chris Dykhouse 06/29/15

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