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Recomendo: issue no. 279

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Ad-free search engine
There are at least 10 alternative search engines to Google, each with a different emphasis, such as better privacy, or non-linear displays, or long-tail results. Recently I’ve been using Neeva as my default search app. (It has a Chrome extension that makes it the default in the browser.) It offers a different business model: a subscription without ads. So unlike Google these days, I get only answers and no long list of camouflaged ads to skim over. I would say the answers are comparable to Google so far. Right now Neeva is free, but will be about $5/month once out of beta. I will be happy to pay for it, or until Google offers a ad-free subscription option. — KK

A timeline of food
I became fascinated with the history of food after experiencing the Last Supper in Pompeii exhibit and seeing up close their cookware and wine vessels and foods. This food timeline is equally fascinating. A Food History Librarian has outlined the beginning of food, beginning with water & ice, and has transcribed ancient recipes found in her research. She started her project in 1999 and continues to update it. — CD

New Tile Slim for wallets
I keep a Tile Slim bluetooth tracker in my wallet. If I misplace my wallet, I can use my phone to make the tracker chirp. If I misplace my phone, I can press the button on the tracker and make my phone chirp. The 2022 version of the Tile Slim is out. It’s still as thin as 2 credit cards, but has an improved range of 250 feet. I bought one for my daughter, who recently had a scare when she lost her wallet (someone found it and returned it fortunately). — MF

Bicycle touring
Multi-day bike touring is way under appreciated. Touring by bicycle is inexpensive, not difficult, covers a lot of ground and is very satisfying. Great with small groups, too. You can use almost any bike, including ebikes. If you are new to touring on a bike, try following a proven route. For the US go to Adventure Cycling for many detailed annotated routes (where to go, eat and sleep). There is an increasing number of no-vehicle, bikes only routes, which are a fabulous experience. For bike touring in Europe, this overview article Cycling In Europe by Adventure Cycling is the best place to start. — KK

Ultra absorbent hair towel
This is an update to a previous Recomendo and specific to medium-long haired readers. This soft, microfiber hair wrap is a turban-style towel that has a small button on the back and a loop to secure it in place. It is very light and comfortable to wear and it squeezes out and absorbs most of the water out of my hair. It does everything my old AQUIS hair towel did, but slightly better. — CD

World music by decade
Radiooooo shows a world map. Click on any country, then click on a decade from 1900 to the present time and it will start playing music from that time and place. — MF

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 11/21/21

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