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Recomendo: issue no. 94

Smarter smoke alarm
I am gradually replacing the chirping alarms in my house with Nest Protects. As my old wired smoke and CO2 alarms need batteries, I swap them out with Nest Protects. They need batteries less often, they talk to the other Nest Protects I have, relaying alerts from distant areas of the house, they provide specific spoken alarms (“smoke in the basement”), and they can message alarms while I am away. All in all, it’s a smarter system. — KK

Reality check on AI
AI is moving fast, but the faster it goes the more we realize how far away the destination is. The best reality check of the status of AI I’ve read recently is this summary article.  — KK

Change the color of hyperlinks
When I look at Google search results in the Chrome browser, I have difficulty telling the difference between the default colors of the links for previously visited and unvisited sites. One is blue and the other is blue-purple. I found a Chrome extension that solves my problem. It’s called Color Links. It does just one thing – lets me choose a custom color for visited links. I chose orange. There’s no mistaking one type of link for the other now. Here’s what it looks like. — MF

Cheap bag hooks
Daiso has folding bag hooks for a $1.50 which is the cheapest price I’ve ever come across. These are great for when you’re at a bar or restaurant and have no where to hang your bag. I bought a few to keep in different purses so I’m never without one. If you don’t have a Daiso in your city, you can order them in bulk here. I also recommend this giant clip that can hold up to 30 pounds which is better for backpacks. — CD

Powerful tube squeezer
The Big Squeeze Tube Squeezer ($39) forces every last drop of goop out of a tube. It can handle tubes up to 3 ⅜” wide. To use it, insert the end of the tube between the two rollers, squeeze the handle and turn the key. The tube is completely flattened, and because of the serrated design of the rollers, the tube is crimped so it stays flat. I’ve used it on tubes of toothpaste, acrylic paint, and lithium grease. It’s all metal and heavy duty. Photo here.  — M

Drink more water
I discovered (as an adult) that drinking water is way more enjoyable when I’m drinking it through a crazy straw. I ordered a bunch of them from Amazon (36pk/$10). It’s tricked me into consuming more water throughout the day and I imagine it’ll probably work on kids too. Also, here are 8 signs you’re not drinking enough water. — CD

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 05/13/18

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