General Purpose Tools

Nifty Kutter


Cutter uses safety razor blades

Here is the Nifty Kutter (nee HandiKutter). It is a realization of k.i.s.s. – Keep it simple, stupid. It is an aluminum holder of single edge (or I suppose double edge too) razor blades that with a simple slide of the blade brings the sharp out for action. I have used this for at least 20 years and keep it in my main desk drawer where it is a go-to for opening packages, cutting paper and anything else that needs a slicing. It has a hole in it for putting on a keychain which would be a great idea. However, I use a Swiss tech Utili-key for that. Practically indestructible in everyday life. You will lose it way before you ever wear it out or break it. Pretty cheap – and cheaper still if you buy a bunch. They make great presents or leave-behinds.

-- RJ Godin 04/15/19