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Nite Ize Spokelit LED Bicycle Spoke Light for Bike Wheels

Easy-to-attach spoke lights

In this Cool Tools video I’m going to show you these Spokelit ike lights by Nite Ize.

These are a plastic, self-contained light, powered by replaceable watch batteries. You give them a squeeze to turn them on. A second squeeze gets them blinking, and a third squeeze turns them off. Battery life is between 20-25 hours depending on which mode you use.

The idea is, these just wedge right into your spokes. There are grooves here that grab your spokes, plus the wings just sort of weave in.

In the light of day, they’re super boring honestly, and that’s ok. Because they just look like generic reflectors I never feel like anyone’s going to rip these off.

At night, though, these add a dramatic streak of light to your rims, making your bike more visible people. These come in other colors — there’s even a rainbow effect version, but red seemed like the safe choice.

I’ve been riding with them for a few weeks now and I haven’t found them distracting. It’s just a nice, low key addition that makes biking at night a little safer and it’s a good price for what it is.

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-- Donald Bell 02/17/22

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