Nokero Solar Light Bulbs


Lightbulb with a built-in battery and solar panel

Having a solar light available in the case of an emergency just makes sense. You won’t have to look for candles and matches, or where you last put that flashlight. No worries about having enough working batteries for the flashlight or an open flame in the house. Walking around with a candle may have worked all right in the Victorian age, but our technological advances provide much safer choices. With the ice storms that hit our area last year and the subsequent blackouts, having a ready-to-use solar light was great. Besides aiding with the energy poverty of the world, this light has so many more uses. It is perfect for camping, especially if you are roughing it. The Nokero Solar Light Bulb is specifically designed for outdoor use.

I have purchased some other LED lights to use specifically for reading. Some of these attach to the top of the book and shine down. Others are just small flashlights which tend to roll around or have too weak a light to illuminate the full page. None of these compares to the ease of the Crestone Pro. I like to read at night, sometimes in the middle of the night. Turning on the bedside lamp tends to wake up my wife. With the directed LED beam from the solar light, this is much less of a problem. It has a convenient loop that allows me to place it at whatever angle I want. I don’t have to reattach it every time I turn a page. The light is good enough that I don’t have to change the angle as I go from the top of the page down. I just lie it on my chest, and start reading.

The light is designed to endure the elements and withstand high temperatures. Setting it on the window sill to charge up will not harm the device even if it gets really hot. Nokero lights are built with an impact-resistant plastic so they are durable. The lights are designed to endure being dropped, scraped, squashed, baked, pinched, bumped, nicked, kicked, rained on, snowed on, hailed on and, of course, being handled by curious children. This ABS plastic makes it shatterproof. There is no need to worry if your bulb or charger gets rained on as they are rainproof. But, it is not completely waterproof, so don’t try using it under water. It is also designed to withstand exposure to snow, but will last longer if not exposed to daily freezing and thawing. The Crestone Pro comes with four wide-angle, light emitting diodes (LED). There are two light settings, High and Low. It will automatically switch off in bright light to further save the charge. Each bulb has an integrated light sensor that detects how much light is in the room or outdoors. This feature ensures your light runs only when it needs to. The Crestone Pro produces 13 lumens on High, good for 4 hours, and 5 lumens on Low for 6 hours of continuous use.

The Nokero Solar Light has a camouflage design, a large solar panel, and a rubber bumper which makes it ideal for outdoor uses like camping, cooking or hiking. The rechargeable AA battery lasts approximately 1.5 – 2 years, good for more than 500 recharging cycles. If you notice that the charge starts to run down too fast, you can replace the one battery with any rechargeable AA NiMH 1.2 V battery, or use any AA battery if you are not concerned with recharging. To change out the battery in the Nokero Crestone light bulb, you unscrew the plastic frosted dome and remove the battery from its enclosed compartment. The back has a wide state-of-the-art, high quality solar panel that will fully charge the battery after exposure to about 6 hours of sunlight. The solar panel will charge even when it’s cloudy but it takes much longer and is much less efficient. It is best charged in direct sunlight. The swivel head and the top loop make this possible no matter what angle the sun is at. This loop has a clamp that allows you to hang it outside for charging. It also makes it very portable. Once the sun has charged your device, the generated power remains in it for up to a year. However, the longer you wait, the harder it is for the battery to retain that charge. I would recommended that you charge your light, at the very least, every few months so that you are always ready for a future emergency.

Taking care of your light is easy. Simply place your Nokero device in direct sunlight to charge during the day and take it down at night to use as a light. A lightly damp towel or cleaning solution can be used to carefully remove any sediment that collects on the solar panel over time. If you notice your device is not working, it may be time to replace the battery. Lastly, try to avoid letting your device sit in standing water (it has been know to rust) and you will be ready to enjoy hours of clean energy.

I have been using my solar light for about a year. I have recommended it to many people not only for around the house but also outside. These lights are designed for people without access to reliable electricity no matter where they live. I was not sure how good this light would be. Reading about it made me want to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised as it works way better than I expected. I thought I would use it only for emergencies (power blackouts) or when we are camping, but I have found a lot more uses around the house.

-- Marcel Dufresne 10/20/15