Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator

Child-friendly mucus removal

The Nosefrida is a remarkably effective tool for sucking snot out of a kid’s nose. It’s basically a flexible plastic tube with a mouthpiece on one end and a snot-collection chamber on the other. You put the mouthpiece in your mouth, press the open end of the snot-collection chamber against your kid’s nostril (it doesn’t go very far inside the nose), and SUCK. An inline filter prevents the snot from ending up in your mouth. The filter only needs to be changed when it gets gunked-up. Such gunking can be avoided by stopping periodically and blowing the collected snot out into a sink or emesis basin. Otherwise, if you keep filling up the snot-collection chamber, it eventually makes its way up to the filter. To clean, I just disassemble it and run warm water through it. Real easy.

It sounds disgusting and bizarre, but it works like a charm. If you’ve got a snotty kid, it’s the best $15 you’ll ever spend. My daughter got her first cold when she was three months old. It was a real nasty one, with lots of nasal congestion. My wife is a family doctor, and she suggested the standard course of action: spray saline up the kid’s nose and try sucking the nastiness out with a bulb syringe. Anybody who’s ever used a standard bulb syringe knows that it’s a suboptimal tool for this project, for two main reasons: (1) A bulb syringe is too small to generate adequate suction to pull thick snot out of a kid’s nose, and (2) little kids hate having a bulb syringe stuck up their nostrils. Can you blame ’em?

-- Mike Pedone 04/25/07

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