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Recomendo: issue no. 308

Notable Quotes
A few quotations I’ve recently come across:

“So what’s the Original Sin of the Internet? Nearly all business models it supports require spying on consumers and monetizing them.” — Bob Sullivan
“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” — André Gid
“I always thought burnout happened when you work too much. Now I get it. It’s investing emotionally and then not getting a return on that investment.” — @spamap
“When a person I don’t really know or have a regular relationship with reaches out on email or in the DMs, wanting to hang out or has an ask of me and I do not have the time or desire, I have started simply… not responding at all. This feels like next-level boundary setting (and next level guilty and selfish, which I am practicing sitting with). Beforehand, I was at the stage where I could say no, but I would have a lot of excuses and wordiness about it. Now, it’s just, delete”. —  Catherine Andrews
“Twitter is so low-friction it might as well be lubricated: You can create an account and accidentally get the entire nation of Malaysia angry at you within 20 minutes.” — Max Read

— MF

Trees from all over the world
Being able to identify tree species is something I ache to learn, but I am intimidated by the amount research and reading involved. For now, I just enjoy noticing them and taking pictures of them. Also, I just discovered Monumental Trees, a website where people all over the world can submit their tree photos that you can filter by species and country. I still haven’t discovered all this site has to offer, but for now just looking at the photos satiates my curiosity! — CD

Virtual trip on paper
In a bit of self-promotion, I’d like to recommend my 50-year passion project, the 3 volumes of Vanishing Asia. In it I photo’d and designed 1,000 pages of old Asia. I am happy that it is finally available on Amazon at a price that is almost as cheap as the original Kickstarter price. In fact with free Prime shipping, it is probably cheaper. (I don’t think Amazon makes any money from selling it.) People who have gotten a set are very happy with the virtual trip it creates. You can easily spend a day or two just paging through all 9,000 images and captions. I can promise a book unlike any other book in the world. — KK

Apple’s Easy Flight Tracker
You might already know you can enter a flight number in Google and get tracking information. Another easy way to find out when a flight is departing or landing and if it’s on time is to enter it in Mac OS Spotlight. Also, if you send a message with a flight number, you and the recipient can click it and see where the plane is on a map. Here’s more about this handy feature. — MF

Babies 101
The 6-part Netflix series Babies changed my ideas about human babies. Babies are far more smarter and adaptable than they appear. This series uses video from scientific experiments on babies to demonstrate their remarkable intelligence and stunning development. I look at them with renewed wonder now. The series is a remarkable work of science communication. I strongly recommend to any parent or grandparent. — KK

Templates for saying no
How to say no is a collection of email templates that you can use to decline social events, meetings, dates, phone chats and other work-related requests you might get. Some of these are examples given by notable productivity experts like James Clear and Tim Ferris. You can even download these canned templates and install them into your gmail. — CD

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 06/5/22

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