NYC Airport Connections/Bali Tourist Tax/Free Turkiye

Nomadico issue #89

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Airports to NYC by Subway

I flew into LaGuardia this week and needed to get from there to Brooklyn. Uber and Lyft were both quoting $80+, so I was happy to see a free shuttle to the subway system that could get me to where I needed to go. See how it works here. LaGuardia is actually the most complicated: for JFK or Newark, you can catch a train directly to Manhattan and beyond quite easily, with no worries about traffic congestion.

Cough up 10 Bucks More for Bali

The main reason to avoid Bali these days is that there are too many people visiting, making travelers complain that Bali is too crowded. We’ll see if this helps, but the government is going to start charging a $10 tourist fee to enter.

No More Visa Fee for Turkey

If you’re American, it used to cost more than 50 bucks to visit Turkey and there was an extra layer of hassle at the immigration counter. Now that’s been eliminated for citizens of 6 countries (including Canada) as the nation with one of the highest inflation rates in the world tries to pull in more foreign hard currency. We’re not loving the free-press-hating dictatorship there, but thousands of years of history tell us this regime too will pass and Turkiye will still be one of the most fascinating and attraction-packed countries on the planet.

More Airline Choices in Thailand

I was so amazed at how many airlines were crisscrossing Thailand the last time I visited that I put together this post on 6 domestic airlines to choose from. Apparently more are on the way, however, including one called “Really Cool Airlines.” See the details here.


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