Oblique Strategies

Useful dilemma prompt cards; a portable oracle

How to get unstuck. Pick a card at random and either 1) do what it says or 2) let it lead you to another idea. It’s amazingly effective. This handsomely boxed stack of cards was created by the lateral genius Brian Eno and good friend Pete Schmidt in 1975 to get themselves and other musicians unstuck in the studio. It’s been through four updated editions since.

I use this tool in any design situation to think differently. In life I’ve found it more productive than throwing the I-Ching or staring at the wall.

This fifth printed edition on heavy silky stock will pop your rut.

More than you wanted to know about Oblique Strategies in its various editions and forms, plus links to digital versions are available at this amazingly complete fan site: Oblique Strategies

-- KK 09/15/18

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