Oil Filter Socket Set

Easy oil filter removal

Sometimes, a tool comes along that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it, even if it’s a sole-purpose tool. This Oil Filter Socket Set is one of those tools.

Instead of trying to remove filters with oil-covered hands or those silly floppy metal band wrenches in terrible positions, these cup wrench sockets make changing oil filters a snap. If there’s enough space around it for your hand to reach it, you can reach it with one of these, and they allow you to apply leverage with a 3/8″ socket wrench, a regular crescent wrench, or even a thumbwheel ratchet so even the most stubborn filter will come off easily. They have little grippy bits inside somewhat like a nut remover socket so they grip really well.

This $5.99 set of wrenches has fit every round filter I’ve tried them with. Sure, they’re cheap, but oil filters aren’t an application where strength and precision are required – all that’s needed is “good enough” and that’s what these are.

-- Jon Braun 06/6/11

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