Old face restorer/Laundry Lens/MoveMap

Recomendo: issue no. 321

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Old face restorer
I use this Baseten web page app to restore old family photos. The engine only focuses on faces, making them shaper and skin smoother, but sometimes that is all that is needed. I upload my old photo, restore in 15 seconds and then download. Works pretty well, sometimes perfectly, in color and black and white. Free. — KK

Laundry symbols app
Laundry Lens is an iPhone-only app that scans the inscrutable laundry care symbols on clothing tags and translates them into English. It’s free and doesn’t display ads. Here’s the result of my T-shirt label scan. — MF

Figure out where to move next
My husband and I are planning to move out of California in 5 years and have been traveling to other states to check them out. We still haven’t agreed on a place, but I recently discovered this MoveMap which makes things easier. I filtered by my criteria: avoid drought, mountains within an hour, airport within two hours and a lot of sun. What I get back is select counties in Arizona and Colorado and most of Utah — as well as Santa Clara County, which is where I live now. — CD 

You Look Good welcome mat
My new door mat greets guests with a cheery message. The natural fiber welcome mat says: YOU LOOK GOOD. Visitors enter with a smile on their face. — KK

10 tricks for persuasive writing
Even if you’re not a copywriter, knowing the psychology of persuasive speech is helpful for everyone. We all write emails, and sometimes we have to sell people on ourselves or ask for something. Nick Kolenda created this 7-minute video on clever techniques in copywriting to boost sales. He explains how to replace vagueness with concrete examples, positive framing, and how to create mental imagery in the reader by adjusting the distance between words. It’s interesting and informative and I’ll probably rewatch it a few times. — CD

History in pictures, then and now
This is a series of photos of WWII Polish resistance fighters who battled the Germans in a Warsaw ghetto for 27 days. On the left of each image is how they appeared in 1940. On the right are photos of the same surviving men and woman taken in 2021. Follow historyphotographed for the most fascinating photos from the past. — MF

Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson


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