Olfa L5-AL Heavy Duty Cutter


Snap-blade knife with a built-in pry tool

These have quickly become by all-time favorite utility knife and try-to-have-it-with-me super-tool. What’s really interesting about this knife is on the back-end. You see that little metal tang? This little extension has become so handy on job-sites or around the house that I feel a little helpless without it (just a bit).

This metal extension is often the perfect pry-tool for awkward situations. It’s not just a piece of stamped metal, it has a slight tapered edge which makes it far more useful that you’d expect. Need to open an electrical cover-plate? It’ll do it. Don’t have a screwdriver (or coin) handy for those slot-fitting applications? Now you do! Opening paint-cans, prying open seals, breaking the glue-seam on a cardboard box, etc. It keeps finding new ways to be handy and it often does it well.

I was just on a job-site yesterday where an awkward panel in some office furniture just would not go back into place and I was truly stuck. Digging through the toolbox and trying different ideas wasn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t have my knife with me (lent it out) but I eventually had to go find it to give it a try and it was the perfect tool one more time. It really did save the day and I’m not sure if any other tool that could do the job, or do it as well.

Aside from this, the slim lock-slide button on the side is a wonderful performer. It’s quick, reliable and fits better in the pocket than the screw-type lock. Everytime I grab a blade with a screw-lock I’m reminded why I like this one so much.

And the grip! The molded rubber and tapered edges of the handle is really well designed. It’s just one more thing that makes this knife stand out and I’m constantly trying to keep this blade handy so I don’t have to suffer the alternatives that are littered about.

It also comes preloaded with an ultra-sharp LBB-10 blade. Icing on the cake! These blades are a legend in themselves.

It’s a great knife and utility tool and a must-have in my go-bag.

-- Martin 03/12/15

(We reviewed a slightly less heavy duty cutter in 2006 -- Mark Frauenfelder — editors)