Open Japan/Collaboration Myths/Unusual Coliving

Nomadico issue #22

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Japan is Open Again
After the longest shutdown stretch of almost any country, Japan is welcoming everyone to its country again. The bad news is, you’ve got some complicated and confusing forms to fill out, so set aside some time. The good news is, the yen is at a record low in a country normally thought of as pricey, currently 146 to the dollar.

In-person Creativity Myths
The latest to weigh in on whether we need to be in the same room with others to do good work is the Harvard Business Review. Here’s their take, backed by research: 4 Myths About In-person Work Dispelled.

A Co-living Utopia?
We’ve seen a lot of co-living spaces geared to digital nomads popping up, but this may be the most ambitious and unusual. The duo behind the Bansko Nomad Fest is buying an unused Soviet-era hotel in the mountains of rural Bulgaria to turn it into a condo complex for location-independent workers. Prices start at $15K for a studio. We just hope it doesn’t turn into The Beach or Wild Wild Country. See the details here: Coliving Semkovo.

Rest Isn’t the Opposite of Work
You can’t be a productive worker or business owner unless your body and mind have periods of proper rest and the two feed off each other. This article lays out seven kinds of rest we need on a regular basis and why each is important.


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