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OpenX Dual-Blade Package Opener

Safer, swift package penetration

When it comes to cutting into thick, rigid plastic packages, it’s tough to rely on scissors. Knives slip on the plastic and can be more dangerous. The clever feature of OpenX ($4) is that there are two blades in one. The razor-like, pop out blade is perfect for starting an initial cut, and then the main protected blade works great to slice the whole thing open. I’ve used this on every kind of thick plastic packaging imaginable and it hasn’t dulled yet.

— Boris Feldman

OpenX Dual-Blade Package Opener
Available from Amazon

Manufactured by Ranchmark, Inc.

[I remembered hearing about this one a while back and was skeptical — until the company sent me one to try out. It’s been such a time saver (I get a lot of packages) that it now lives in the top drawer of my desk. – sl]

[Note: Just wanted to drop a note about the Open X — left handers need not apply. As a leftie myself, I was pretty disappointed when I realized that due to the locations of the button to extend the hidden blade, this tool can’t really be used left handed. Once the initial cut has been made, it can be used, but the switch does get in the way a bit. Just thought lefties might want to know before they buy!
— Ari Brown]


(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2007 — editors)

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