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Cheap prescription eyeglasses

With a copy of your eyeglass prescription in hand you can order inexpensive glasses online. For about $40 you can get a decent pair mailed to your house in 3 weeks. The optics are fine; they even do progressives. The frame styles are limited. The quality of construction is decent. Of my many friends who have purchased glasses this way, only one had any fitting issues. The rest, like me, love them. I got a solid pair of prescription sunglasses (above image) from Optical4less, and for the first time my daughters called me cool.

The way I figure it, compared to the $400 glasses often cost, it is worth the small risk of these cheap glasses not working out because you don’t get to try them on first. Even compared to the inexpensive options at Costco, they are half the price. But so far, they are as good as anything 10 times the price. (Of course, you can make online ones more expensive by upgrading lenses, etc.)

Enough folks are comfortable buying glasses remotely that there are dozens of vendors. The website Glassy Eyes reviews different online eyeglass vendors and favors Goggles4U (based in California). I’ve had good luck with Optical4less based in Hong Kong and these are the outfit most often recommended by others to me.

One note: to order online you need your PD, or pupil distance, or how wide apart your eyes are. Some mainstream optical offices, like LensCrafters, don’t surrender this information easily. It’s not hard to measure it yourself.

-- KK 05/26/09

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