OXO Pepper Mill


High-output pepper processor

This OXO pepper mill is fantastic.

The good:

  • It is very fast. The crank arm means you can grind lots of pepper quickly. This is great if you have to cook a lot of food, but also great for people with reduced hand or arm strength.
  • It is easy to hold. The body looks a bit awkward but it fits in your hand easily. The crank knob isn’t huge, but it is also easy to grab.
  • It is also lightweight, and won’t crush a toe if you drop it, unlike those solid brass or stainless steel ones.
  • It is durable. I have used mine daily for something like nine years, with no wear at all. The grinding mechanism is ceramic and will not rust or wear out. The body is plastic, tough enough to survive any number of falls (though I haven’t tried it on a tile or stone floor.)
  • It is easy to refill. There is a clear plastic hopper door on the side that you just tilt out to pour in peppercorns. It is quite easy. No unscrewing of mechanisms or handles. A few reviews on Amazon complain that the door is too easy to open, but I haven’t had that problem.
  • It is stable sitting upright, so you can quickly set it down without it falling over. Tall, narrow grinders cannot be set down on their ends easily.
  • It comes with a snap-on lid that catches stray grounds. If reversed, it makes a handy base to set on your countertop.
  • The grind is easy to adjust. There is a large, clearly labeled wingnut on the bottom that you turn to adjust the grind. The coarseness range is also good, ranging from fine to medium-large, with big enough pieces that you can crack them between your teeth.
  • It costs TWELVE DOLLARS!

The bad

  • It is not extraordinarily beautiful, though It was recently revised to be a little more sleek. It looks simple and modern, and that’s about it. So it might not go with certain table settings (and some dinner guests might not be prepared for how much pepper it puts out.)
  • Being plastic, I suppose it is possible to break it or melt it in a fire. But nothing short of abuse would do that.

So. This grinder is amazing for people with weaker hands and wrists, and for people who need to produce lots of ground pepper quickly. It is terrific for everybody else unless you don’t like how it looks on your dinner table.

-- Karl Chwe 07/13/20