Packable Travel Pillow/Brazil Visa Delay/Remote Work=Higher Growth

Nomadico issue #87

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Packable Travel Pillow

I’m in the market for a new inflatable travel pillow that packs down small after leaving mine under a thin hotel pillow last year. Besides that use, these work for camping, sleeping on trains and planes, or as a seat cushion for hard chairs when you need to work. I’m going with the wisdom of the crowds and getting this most popular one on Amazon with a soft cover.

Brazil Pushes Back Its Reciprocal Visa Again

Good news if you’re American, Australian, or Canadian and want to visit Brazil: the increased visa fee for those nations that was supposed to start this week (a hefty $160 for Americans) has been pushed back to April, after Carnival.

Hurricanes Don’t Cross the Equator

A bit of trivia to pass on that will make you sound smart: hurricanes are in the northern hemisphere or the southern, but never both. That’s because “they would have to stop spinning, reverse direction, and spin in the other direction to continue. “ See the explanation here.

Remote Work Choices Lead to Higher Growth

Flying in the face of CEO’s assertions that being together in an office is better than working remotely, a new study of 554 public companies has found that the opposite is true. “It found that the average public company that gives employees choice over whether to come into an office also outperformed on revenue growth over the past three years by 16 percentage points, compared to companies with more restrictive policies.” See the details here.


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