Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer


Vegetable slicer creates spiral cuts

The Paderno spiral vegetable slicer is made of plastic and it looks like it would snap into pieces as soon as the crank is turned, but don’t let its appearance fool you. This thing has a set of three sharp blade attachments that make short work of sweet potatoes (and, I assume white potatoes).

Using one of the three-blade attachments, you can shred, chip, or thinly slice vegetables. The hand-cranked operation is pleasingly, almost effortlessly, smooth.

When you are done peeling the potato, you’re left with a cute non-hallucinogenic mushroom.

I tossed a couple of potatoes into a skillet with salt and coconut oil.

Then I fried the potatoes, flipping them from time to time until a lot of the water burned out and I ended up with something that looked like bacon and tasted better than bacon. This stuff is crack to me. I could eat it all day, every day.

-- Mark Frauenfelder 08/2/21

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