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Paint Stripping Disc


Removes paint without damaging underlying surface

After trying to remove paint from my concrete floor with no luck I stumbled across these paint stripping wheels from Empire abrasives. They are a blue nylon impregnated material and last a really long time without doing much damage to the material under the paint. I have used the 4.5″ ones on my angle grinder but I think they come in other sizes and available for other tools. I had another project where I wanted to paint the frame of my F150. The frame was covered in rust and these strip discs took it all off super easy. I can strip the paint and primer from the entire car using one single disc. The best part is that its easy on the metal underneath and doesn’t cause much damage like a flap disc or wire wheel. If your looking for an easy way to remove paint, rust, grime or just want to smooth out the surface I can highly recommend these stripper discs.

-- Joe German 07/22/19

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