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Pentel Twist Erase III


Chunky mechanical pencil

After reading about the previously reviewed slightly more luxurious Pentel Sharp Kerry I would highly recommend the Pentel Twist Erase III pencils for their comfort and larger lead size. They come in a 0.9mm lead size and are very comfortable to hold. The larger lead size hardly ever breaks and feels like a sharpened #2 pencil in use. They also have a larger-than-normal eraser that is actually useful, a rare feature with mechanical pencils. They come in a 2-pack for about $5. They are functional rather than fancy.

I’ve had a couple of these for about four years, and they still look the same as they did when purchased. I guard them jealously because I have always been afraid that Pentel would stop selling them. However, it seems that the larger lead sizes must be catching on since I noticed a large assortment of 0.7mm and larger size pencils during a recent office store visit. Should you be unlucky enough to lose one, you can find them at most office stores. They also come in 0.5 and 0.7mm sizes.

-- Harvey Chapman 09/10/19

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2012 — editors)