Free recipe manager

I have given up on spending a lot of money on cookbooks and just surf the web for recipes. Pepperplate is a free recipe manager that works with a JavaScript-bookmark off your Firefox or Chrome browser (it may work on other browsers) to create recipes. The recipes can then be viewed in the browser, or on your iPhone or android phone/tablet.

Pepper Plate knows about some recipes and automatically creates the recipes in Pepperplate. However, most of the recipes I like require a drag a drop creation method, but it is quick. I use Firefox to create the recipes, and it is very simple. I’m a seat-of-pants cook and spend the day cooking for the week, so I don’t use the menu planner or shopping list, but someone who is into planning would like it.

You can also double, triple, etc your recipes. I almost always double, so I spend less time cooking. I have been using it for over a year and I have stopped using my other recipe manager (that is a paid app). It’s fast and full featured. I create the recipe in Firefox and then display it on my tablet when I am cooking. I also peek at the recipe on my phone when shopping to make sure I have everything. Gone are my paper shopping lists, sticky note filled cookbooks and not being able to change my mind in the grocery store. Oooh chocolate chips are on sale. What could I make? Let me check my Pepperplate app. Its is the best recipe app I’ve used and it is free.

-- Joseph E Dante 11/29/16

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