Petzl Zipka 2 Headlamp


A favorite headlamp gets an upgrade

I’ve used this headlamp for several years. Petzl has been producing high-quality headlamps for decades and Zipka has the same amazing quality. Whenever I backpack I always carry my Zipka with me, it’s super useful even indoors when you’re looking for things in a dark and don’t know where the light switch is.

The beauty of Zipka is its retractable cord, which makes the headlamp way more compact than any other headlamp I’ve seen on the market. That way I don’t need any additional case for the lamp as it doesn’t end up tangled with all my other stuff in the backpack.

-- Peter Fabian 04/28/14

(This new model has four LEDs. Earlier models had two or three. — Mark — editors)

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