Phil & Ted’s E3 Buggy

Best double stroller

After a year of experience using Phil and Ted’s E3 stroller, with two-kid kit, we think it’s simply amazing.

The handling on the E3 stroller is superb. Unlike side-by-side strollers, the width on the E3 is no problem, and the front wheel pivots so you never have any trouble negotiating the tightest areas. Medium sized real tires mean it’s no trouble to move over uneven terrain (dirt paths are easy). Construction is excellent, and the whole unit moves with the smoothness and solidity of a well made machine.

It’s not the lightest stroller you can buy, but we bought the travel bag accessory and have checked it on multiple airplane flights with no trouble at all. Folds well enough to fit in the back of our car when we take day trips as well.

Of the various ways you can set-up the stroller (see their website) we’ve had, by far, the most experience with it setup for two seated kids. My wife was concerned that the back seat would be a tough sell on for the kids, but our 3 year old seems to prefer it, which was a surprise.

At $380 for the basic unit, we thought hard about spending that much money on a stroller. But to this day, we remark on how GOOD that purchase looks in retrospect. We use it daily — well worth the extra money in our view.

-- Brian Fleming 06/13/06

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