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Long live this neck saver! Hail to the hand-freer! I’ve been using a headset on my phone for a decade now, and I continue to be puzzled why everyone else doesn’t. A headset lets me make two-hour teleconferences without a bit of discomfort. Having to grip a phone for any length now feels unhealthy. Mine is a pretty typical set with one ear piece and a tiny boom microphone, that altogether weights a few ounces, if that. It takes no extra effort to slip it on when the phone beeps. My hands are completely liberated. With a comfy headset I can take notes, search for a paper, look up a number on my computer, or just stretch, without neck crinks, sore elbows, or squashed ears. You can choose from dozens of models including cordless sets, ear buds, ultralights, or cheapies. Radio Shack has a low end for cost $20 while Hello Direct has a complete selection of the fancy goods, and a line of headset accessories. I’ve seen some go for $6. A lot of people used to refuse them because they thought it made them look dorky, but I see more and more executives sporting them now, and with cellphones it’s become fashionable to have a set in your ear.

But because a headset is so much better for your health I wouldn’t be surprised if companies began to mandate headsets strictly for health reasons. Do your body a favor and use one.

Plantronics M214C Headset for Cordless/Wireless Phones

Hello Direct

-- KK 09/12/03

(Note: The RadioShack headset, model #: 43-1951 has been discontinued. The Shack does carry a selection of newer headsets in the same price range. -- SL — editors)