Tool Chest

Plastic Center Finder


Find the center of any circle

[Cool Tools has a YouTube channel with many more tool reviews]

I learned about this plastic center finder from maker Ben Light, who uses it to drill out the center in the tin can robots he builds. Online, I see a lot of videos of jewelry designers using these. Woodworkers use them on finding centers on dowels or centering up work to chuck into a lathe.

They also work for finding the center of squares. Using the side with the 90-degree angle you can mark out the center of a square. This is especially useful on smaller material (like small tiles where a speed square isn’t as helpful.

The smaller, 60-degree angle on one side of the tool is intended for use finding the center of hexagon shaped material. I’ve yet to come across any hexagons I need centered, but I can imagine it being useful around a geodesic dome build.

I also have to just say that this is one of those tools that I simply find aesthetically satisfying. I probably only break it out every couple months, but every time it catches my eye it makes me smile.

-- Donald Bell 10/7/17